Give It Up For Mother Earth


Happy Earth Day!  Today marks the 40th anniversary of this celebration, inspiring awareness and appreciation for the Earth and our environment.  How are you planning to celebrate?

Sustainable cooking and cuisine is by no means a new concept, but has grown in popularity in recent years.  As defined by Eat.Drink…Better, sustainable cuisine is “a way of growing, shipping, processing, preparing and eating food that doesn’t deplete the natural systems that create that product.”  Basically, making responsible choices surrounding the production and consumption of food in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

Adapting these methods no doubt take a little more effort, but if everyone could change even just one practice in order to be more sustainable, the world would surely benefit.  Shop at a farmers market, buy sustainably raised meat and dairy, be aware of the sustainability practices of the restaurants you frequent. Sustainable table has a great list of simple ways to do your part.

Something to think about today :).

Looking to celebrate Earth Day in the Bean this week?  Check out’s list of local events.

Headed off to the Greater Boston Food Bank for a volunteer opp with work today – Will be sure to post on that soon!

Happy Earth Day!



2 responses to “Give It Up For Mother Earth

  1. I’ve just started to give more thought to buying local and love shopping at our local farmers market in the summer. Thanks for the links. I’ll check them out.

  2. I am so proud of the lover of healthy food you have become!!!

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